Is Bring Me The Horizon Teasing A Comeback?

Metalcore outfit Bring Me The Horizon have kept a low profile for over a year now, ever since their tour for their last record That's The Spirit, released in 2015. While keeping their heads low, it seems they've been working on something big. Bring Me The Horizon may be teasing a comeback with some cryptic billboards.

A billboard went up today in central London, the words "Do you want to start a cult with me?" written on the center and an old version of the band's logo featured in the corners. A phone number is also on the billboard, which, when called (only available in the U.K., however) plays a pre-recorded "spiritual advice and guidance" track before a clip of new music is played at the end, according to Rocksound. A website called is related to the billboard, promising that "Salvation will return" on August 21. Could that be the date of new music from the band?

What are your thoughts? Bring Me The Horizon hasn't shared new music in nearly three years, and we're all definitely ready for more. Keep your eyes peeled for any announcements on August 21, and get ready for some new music from metalcore's most popular outfit.