Azealia Banks Cancels Her New Album... Again

Fans of Azealia Banks have really been having a rough time. Five years after first speaking about releasing a sequel to her 2012 debut mixtape Fantasea, Azealia Banks has cancelled her new album... again.

Banks' new mixtape Fantasea II: The Second Wave has been in the works since 2013, but it looks like there's going to be quite some time until fans get to hear the record. Banks took to Instagram to announce that the album is cancelled, saying she's going to be taking time off and getting around to... other things while fans are made to wait for new music:


Banks has released several songs from the record over the last few years, beginning with 'Crown' from February 2017. Other tracks include 'Escapades' (released June 2017) and 'Movin' On Up which features Newbody, released this past March. The first official single was 'Anna Wintour,' which really got the album cycle off to a bumpy start after original guest Mel B was removed for "personal issues." 'Treasure Island' was released earlier this month and was the record's second single. It's unknown if these tracks will still be on the record when it is - hopefully - released.

Fantasea II: The Second Wave was originally slated for release earlier this year, but was delayed. Banks is no stranger to being under fire for controversy - at the end of 2016, videos of her cleaning out a closet where she sacrificed chickens made its way around the Internet causing an uproar. It is currently unknown when Fantasea II: The Second Wave will be released, if at all.