Check Out Paramore's Retro New Video For 'Rose-Colored Boy'

The 80s aesthetic has been important to Paramore with all aspects of their latest album After Laughter, and the videos are no exception. From the colorful 'Hard Times' to the bittersweet 'Fake Happy,' the band's made sure the wonder and aesthetic of the 80s remains as an important part of the music. Check out Paramore's retro new video for 'Rose-Colored Boy,' one of the most acclaimed tracks on the record.

The video is based on the set of a news channel called "Wake Up Roseville," seeing the band as anchors. Throughout the video, we're taken through a day on set, the anchors being forced to fake their happiness to keep ratings up. We get an internal look on the characters as they go offset and deal with the pressures of the studio, all leading up to Hayley Williams going face to face with her past. A little girl (a young Hayley) is seen pretending to be an anchor on the news, and at the end tells her future self: "this isn't you." After a little diva tantrum, band then goes wild and starts making the studio their canvas as they perform the song to bring the show out.

The video was directed by Warren Fu, who is known for directing videos such as Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' and CHVRCHES' 'Clearest Blue.' There's tons of personality in the video - an important mark for any video. This is the fourth video from After Laughter, and perhaps not the final just yet. Paramore are just about to embark on the fourth leg of their After Laughter Tour, taking place in Australia (with support from Bleachers) and Asia. Be sure to check out our review of After Laughter