Radiohead Sues Lana Del Rey For Allegedly Copying 'Creep'

No matter how much Radiohead hates 'Creep,' it seems to always come back to them somehow. Now, however, it seems that they're trying to get something out of it. Radiohead is suing Lana Del Rey for copying 'Creep' in her song 'Get Free.'

In a statement on social media, Lana confirmed that the lawsuit is real after rumors had started spreading:


It is worth noting that this is not the first time 'Creep' has led to some legal problems. Radiohead themselves have previously been sued for copyright infringement, where they were accused of copying Albert Hammond's 'The Air That I Breathe' in 'Creep.' Hammond received writing credits and partial royalties for the song after the suit was settled.

It is unknown to what extent the band's members are involved with the lawsuit, but a number of sources point to them not being a large part of it. In years past, the band's former record label, Parlophone, had made large efforts to make sure every Radiohead-related video on YouTube (besides official material) was taken down. The notoriously greedy label still has rights over 'Creep,' so it is likely that they are at the helm of this suit, and not Radiohead themselves. Regardless, not enough information is known to make an assumption. Thom Yorke has previously said that Spotify was "the last desperate fart of a dying corpse" after the band's discography was removed from the platform in 2011, though in the last year the band's discography has made it back onto the streaming service, as well as Yorke's other projects (including his solo material and Atoms For Peace).

What's your opinion on the case? Should Lana be held accountable? Is Radiohead wrong? Let us know. Radiohead released 'Creep' in 1993 on their debut album Pablo Honey, and Lana Del Rey released 'Get Free' as the closing track for last year's Lust For Life (read our review here). Listen to both songs below, and let us know - do you hear the similarities?