Sia Teases Mysterious New Single

It's hard to be enigmatic in the world of pop, but Sia has always has mystery surrounding her. That mystery continues as she has now started teasing a new single!

The artist has uploaded a 14 second clip to her VEVO channel, titled "The Greatest - Coming Sept. 6 - #weareyourchildren" consisting of a droning sound as the camera pans onto her go to dancing girl Maddie Ziegler lying in a pile of bodies. She slowly opens her eyes at the end of the clip before the last two seconds of the clip features what's presumably the beginning of Sia's new single, 'The Greatest'.

The single is preceding her tour that starts in Seattle, Washington on September 29. Sia has previously teased the hashtag #wearethechildren on Twitter, as well as 'The Greatest', but it was speculated the hashtag was the name of the song and she would be releasing a greatest hits record. It seems the hashtag is more of a campaign, and the video coming on September 6 will have a message backing it.

What do you think is coming? Is this a one-off single, or is something bigger coming with the release? Be here on September 6 to find out!