Starset Reveal Art for New Album 'Vessels'

Alternative rockers Starset announced their follow up to 2014's Transmissions last month, and over the last few days, they've been dropping teaser images of new artwork. It seems that the band has shared the cover for their next record, too!

The band's new record Vessels is dropping on January 20 in the new year. The band has shared the single 'Monster' with us already, which revealed that the band would be taking away some of the edge of their first record. 'Monster' stepped away from the heavy, powerful guitars that really build Transmissions, replacing them with massive synths.

Guitars are not absent, of course. It's still a massive track that lives up to the former. It's just a question of whether or not Starset will be following suit and be taking on an entirely more poppy sound in their new record. Vessels will undoubtedly be an intense record, but it's sonic soundscape is yet to be seen.

The band tweeted out this image today, which seems to be the album cover for Vessels. Be sure to check out their Twitter for more cool images.


Who's ready for new Starset music? It's been a long time coming, and we're excited to hear the new direction for the band. Stay tuned for our review of their new record when it drops.