Vic Mensa - 'Heathens' (Freestyle)

Suicide Squad was one of the biggest films of 2016, but the soundtrack proved to be even more massive. Several songs (as well as the soundtrack itself) has been nominated for GRAMMYs, including the twenty one pilots hit 'Heathens.' The song is now the backbeat of Vic Mensa's new freestyle.

Vic Mensa is known for being direct. This freestyle is all about the struggles of living in the ghetto, but with a badass, threatening vibe to it. It may seem pretty clichéd at this point, but Vic Mensa kills it in his freestyle. The song is introduced by Tyler Joseph's iconic hook (the chorus of 'Heathens'), Mensa kicking into his verse full force. His lyrics all have a sense of fear to them, in one form or the other. The first lines reference his dark upbringing, Mensa claiming "Grew up around heathens, the streets made us Tarzans... Number two can puncture you, better wear a vest / We packing like a Lunchable, we live in constant threat... They killed my brother dead, wonder why I'd be faded."

Vic Mensa's 'Heathens' freestyle isn't just about the struggles of his beginnings, but also how his success now makes it all worth it. He had to earn that, too. His lyrics are never over-glorifying, though some are pretty grandiose in their descriptions: "I be with heathens but I've earned my stripes / Keep a SIG, I'm too pretty for fist fights / Until these niggas kill me I just wanna live life / Cop a palace in the city, buy a little ice / But y'all know me, I don't rock diamonds / Only the Roc diamonds, that's how I'm shining." The song seamlessly transitions between the two subjects, connecting them. He even changes the flow up at the end to accentuate his swagger, making the freestyle even more threatening.

Vic Mensa killed it on this freestyle. 'Heathens' provides a haunting backdrop to his dark freestyle. His past made him who he is today, and he owns it. That's the impression that leaves you after you're through with this track.

Rating: 85 / 100