The Chainsmokers - Collage

The newest threat on the block is without a doubt The Chainsmokers. With a few past hits in their repertoire, they showed up out of the blue this past summer and have taken the radio by storm, pumping out some of the decade's biggest hits in a matter of months. They've compiled some of these tracks into a new EP entitled Collage.

The electronic pop duo really have a knack for making some infectious tracks. Nearly every song on the five minute EP rings with lots of fun and appeal. Opener and new single 'Setting Fires' has bouncy, infectious synths that keep the song light as XYLØ adds some dimension and melody to the track above the instrumental, even though the synths do enough of all of that on their own already. Phoebe Ryan takes over the vocals in the more upbeat 'All We Know,' this time Andrew Taggart joining on on vocals, harmonizing with Ryan's somber vocals above the punchy instrumental.

'Closer' was one of the biggest songs of the summer, and its performance showed it. It was played ad nauseam on the radio and remained as Spotify's #1 most streamed track for weeks. Riding of the group's hype instrumentals and the other threat in pop, Halsey, 'Closer' was destined for greatness. The song starts gently and builds slowly as it progresses, ultimately becoming an awesomely energetic song with jumpy synths and a big beat. Halsey's sweet and punk flair adds a lot of color to the already fun and sweet track.

The other hit from the summer was 'Don't Let Me Down.' The guitar in the intro sings innocently as Daya sings sweetly before the chorus kicks in with the drama. Daya's lyrics start building up with the beat, as the breakdown comes in the form of saxophone synths and bassy accompaniment. The song feels like something Rihanna would sing and come up with. It's a fun, very poppy track that also has the party side too it - a clear banger.

The Chainsmokers are pop's most hopeful duo. Their electronic flair sees a mix of party and fun that lots of artists don't seem to understand well. Their debut LP will be absolutely massive - this group is here to stay for years to come. 

Favorite Tracks: Don't Let Me Down, Closer, Setting Fires

Least Favorite Track: Inside Out

Rating: 89 / 100