Death Grips - Bottomless Pit

Sometimes the jarring noises of experimental and hardcore hip-hop outfit Death Grips can be uninviting. If you think that, you have a point. And it's not even necessarily wrong - they can be pretty uninviting. But once you move past the voice in your head screaming "NO!", you have a pretty unique listening experience with their newest album, Bottomless Pit.

If you know anything about Death Grips, you know what you're in for. Right off the bat, you're thrown into the raging ferocity of the beat in 'Giving Bad People Good Ideas'. The song starts off gently in the grand scheme of things with an a cappella intro before going in brutally with the rest of the song. Following the opening is 'Hot Head', which is near nonsensical. It feels like it was created specifically to just be crazy, the sheer energy of it being its redeeming factor. The album has some lyrically crazy moments too, unsurprisingly. 'Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood' proudly exclaims "Gloryhole!" in its choruses, and 'Bottomless Pit' contains the intriguing line, "I fucked you in half." MC Ride's visceral vocal style definitely justifies these obscure lines, though. The latter of which is interesting in that, being the closing track on the album, actually sounds somewhat positive in a sense. It's huge and has giant distorted beats, just as previous tracks on the album, like 'Spikes' and 'BB Poison'. This album, as crazy and all over the place as it is, there are some epic moments. 'Houdini' in particular has a killer instrumental, almost futuristic. 'Trash' bares some synths very akin to those found on the latest album from Liturgy (though the track may just be a social commentary on the Internet, which kinda throws it off), and the synth from 'Eh' is also pretty fantastic. 'Bubbles Buried In This Jungle' is almost industrial with its instrumentation, too. The instrumentals of this album are definitely one of its highlights.

Death Grips is an interesting group of individuals. Whatever goes on through their minds is probably better left unquestioned. They seem to channel it through their music, though, giving the world a unique and jarring experience to enjoy (if that's the right term to use here). It's good to know their alleged disbandment in 2014 was just a temporary thing, though. The world needs some crazy. Let's just hope MC Ride gets his Subway sandwich before the next release...

Favorite Tracks: Houdini, Bubbles Buried In This Jungle, Eh

Least Favorite Tracks:  Hot Head, 80808

Rating: 7/10