Dangerkids - 'Things Could Be Different'

It's been a long time coming for Dangerkids, but a new chapter has arrived. After their success in their 2013 debut Collapse, they're ready to take the post-hardcore world by storm again.

The first single from their new record 'Things Could Be Different' shows an evolution for the band, still clinging to its roots but adding a new vibe to their existing sound. The song begins dramatically, electronics pounding under the lo-fi vocals before powerful guitar punches bring the song to its powerful first verse. The song rings with a certain urgency, ringing all the way to the end, where it all combines into one conglomerate of apocalyptic elements.

What 'Things Could Be Different' shows is that Dangerkids has gone a long way from their original sound. What was once an homage to Linkin Park paired with a wandering sense of loneliness has become something more serious; Dangerkids' sound is its own monster, full of power and a mature purpose. This track isn't about loneliness; if anything, it's a testament to loneliness. It bashes those with massive egos and encourages originality, evident in the chorus which angrily chants "If you’re sick of all the lies, let me tell you the truth: / Nobody wants to be you."

Dangerkids continues to be the fresh sound in the post-hardcore scene. 'Things Could Be Different' is a massive departure from the safe, inviting sounds of Collapse and treads into something more daring and purposeful. It's been a long three years since their debut, and it seems their sophomore album is ready to take the world by storm once again.

Rating: 90 / 100