The Last Shadow Puppets - The Dream Synopsis EP

The big return of The Last Shadow Puppets this year sent indie fans into spirals. They aren't quite done with 2016 just yet - the band has shared their new The Dream Synopsis EP, featuring pseudo-live performances of some covers and reworked versions of a few older tracks.

The band released their second album Everything You've Come To Expect back in April as a follow up to their 2008 self-titled debut. The record marked the end of the band's hiatus, and 2016 has been a largely successful year for them. Still, the band took time to get intimate. The Dream Synopsis EP has a fittingly dreamy atmosphere around it, the chamber acoustics adding some color to the previously heard tracks.

The EP features reworks of two tracks from Everything: 'Aviation' and 'The Dream Synopsis.' The only noticeable differences are the rawer performances and accentuated orchestras. 'Aviation' somehow sounds even more cinematic and dramatic than the studio version, which is quite the feat. The orchestras really soar to an epic level by the end of the track. The vibe in 'The Dream Synopsis' is largely the same, but its sweetness can always be appreciated. The symphony only helps accent the song's creamy textures.

The Dream Synopsis EP also features four covers that the band performed throughout their 2016 tour. The first is 'Les Cactus,' formerly by French singer Jacques Dutronc. The cover steps away from The Last Shadow Puppets' signature drama and instead features a cool rock n' roll side to the band that doesn't come out too often. The same vibe follows through with a cover of The Fall's 'Totally Wired,' though this uncharacteristic nature of the band doesn't work as well here. The band stay in that era of music with a cover of the Glaxo Babies' 'This Is Your Life,' a dark tone settling over this track. The final cover is a classic by the late Leonard Cohen, 'Is This What You Wanted,' a song which really captures the essence of this band perfectly, especially when its Alex Turner delivering the vocals.

The Dream Synopsis isn't the perfect EP, but it's a nice treat from a rather elusive and dramatic band. These reworks and covers are a nice, raw taste of this band's core, providing for a very revealing listen. The Last Shadow Puppets aren't quite like anyone else, and they truly own that.

Favorite Track: Aviation (The Dream Synopsis Version)

Least Favorite Track: Totally Wired

Rating: 74 / 100