2 Chainz - Rap Or Go To The League (Album Review)

No one in hip-hop has the underlying reputation that 2 Chainz has. His music has pushed hip-hop in new directions, and is now showing the world once again that he’s ready to roll with the punches. 2 Chainz solidifies his reputation in the rap game in Rap Or Go To The League, his new album that has him embracing both modern and classic sounds.

It’s clear that 2 Chainz has a conviction in the way he presents himself and spits in Rap Or Go To The League. Opening track ‘Forgiven‘ immediately presents a dark and alarming atmosphere. The track lays down the harsh realities of life for rappers and those growing up in the same culture 2 Chainz grew up in. Marsha Ambrosius helps provide a soulful touch to the song during its hooks, singing alongside a JAY-Z sample. 2 Chainz returns to more serious vibes throughout the record, including in ‘NCAA‘ where the dark, urgent drive of the track really creates a dark atmosphere, and in ‘2 Dollar Bill,’ where Lil Wayne really goes in on his verse.

Rap Or Go To The League isn’t a masterpiece, but it offers up some pretty solid tracks even when they don’t go above and beyond. Poppier tracks like ‘Rule The World‘ with Ariana Grande and ‘Girl’s Best Friend‘ with Ty Dolla $ign give the record a more familiar and even fun vibe, while calmer tracks like ‘I’m Not Crazy, Life Is‘ with Chance The Rapper and Kodak Black and closing track ‘Sam‘ seek to ease the mood. There’s plenty of energy to be found throughout the album: ‘Whip‘ with Travis Scott is a standard but solid trap hit, while Kendrick Lamar helps add his signature sense of urgency to the dark and aggressive ‘Momma I Hit A Lick.’ 2 Chainz really covers a lot of ground while keeping things interesting throughout the album.

2 Chainz asserts his dominance in the hip-hop hierarchy in Rap Or Go To The League, where his diverse tracklist and impressive feature list serves as his proof. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s certainly something you can thoroughly enjoy.

Favorite Tracks: NCAA, 2 Dollar Bill

Least Favorite Track: I Said Me

Rating: 75 / 100

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