Quentin Sauvé - Whatever It Takes (Album Review)

Music is therapy for both the artist and the listener. Some records can read like a personal diary, and that’s the case for Quentin Sauvé‘s new record. In Whatever It Takes, Quentin Sauvé honestly recounts some of his most personal moments with chilling, somber atmospheres and haunting melodies.

There’s a generally sad air to Whatever It Takes, Sauvé singing honestly but with fitting melancholy as well. Opening track ‘Dead End‘ brings Whatever It Takes to a sweet and honest start, though the track’s warmth comes from the echoes of his grandparents, whom Sauvé tries to honor rather than mourn them. A similar warmth is present in ‘Love Is Home,‘ though the somber nature of the track shines through more. The record slowly builds into the real sadder tracks, some of the most heartbreaking coming at the very end: the haunting duo of ‘Riddled‘ and ‘Disappear‘ close the record.

Behind the vocals, Sauvé’s instrumentals help craft the perfect atmosphere for each track. The reverberating guitars flood your hearing in ‘Half Empty Glass,’ creating an enchanting and captivating aura that translates to other tracks including ‘People To Take Care Of‘ and ‘Bad News Bearers.’ Some tracks build up, Sauvé finding his emotions rather than immediately being cognizant of them. ‘Selfless‘ is a key example, the building track growing with a certain intensity as it goes.

Healing is no linear path, and for certain artists, their road to recovery is their music. In Whatever It Takes, Quentin Sauvé dives into some of his most intimate and personal hardships and lets go of the emotions that hold him down through the music. The somber atmospheres are captivating and thoughtful, and though it’s rarely climactic, Whatever It Takes is always enchanting.

Favorite Track: Riddled

Least Favorite Track: Ghosts

Rating: 71 / 100

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