SWMRS - Berkeley's On Fire (Album Review)

Everyone loves a bit of rebellion every once in awhile, and SWMRS helps deliver it in the most energetic ways. In their new record Berkeley’s On Fire, SWMRS rises to the occasion by letting their personalities shine and letting their message ignite their music.

Berkeley’s On Fire is a raucous record, and that’s evident from the very start. Title track ‘Berkeley’s On Fire‘ kicks the record off in a loud manner, the driven, metallic riff pairing perfectly with the song’s catchy melodies and huge energy. The record’s fire never falters, SWMRS keeping things pushing ahead at every moment. ‘Too Much Coffee‘ continues the record with a more indie vibe yet big energy all the same, while tracks like ‘Hellboy‘ keep the record alight even towards the end.

SWMRS doesn’t seek complexity in this record, but they also try to keep things fresh from track to track. The indie vibes of ‘Trashbag Baby‘ stand in stark contrast with some of the record’s heavier tracks, while the swagger of ‘Lose Lose Lose‘ can’t be replicated in any other track. ‘April In Houston‘ offer more of a modern, indie vibe in the middle of the record, providing a nice lead in to some more typical indie jams like ‘IKEA Date.’ Closing track ‘Steve Got Robbed‘ ends the record on a surprisingly dark note, bringing in a pretty harsh and weird instrumental that beautiful couples with the haunting melodies of the track. Berkeley’s On Fire isn’t too flashy, but it does keep things fun.

SWMRS let the fun fly loose in their rebellious and anthemic new record Berkeley’s On Fire, bringing huge energy and flair with them. There’s a quality about this record that makes it feel almost uncontrollable, but even so you never want to hop off the ride. It’s a fun celebration of uniqueness, which is something we should treat ourselves to more often.

Favorite Tracks: Berkeley’s On Fire, Steve Got Robbed

Least Favorite Track: IKEA Date

Rating: 76 / 100

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