ONE OK ROCK - Eye Of The Storm (Album Review)

It’s hard to go wrong with a solid alternative rock record. Japanese alternative rockers ONE OK ROCK are back with a new record, and they’ve brought some good vibes with it. ONE OK ROCK’s blend of unfaltering optimism and feel-good alternative rock in their new album Eye Of The Storm makes for a powerful, encouraging record.

One thing that you can’t deny about Eye Of The Storm is that it’s sound is nothing short of joyous. ONE OK ROCK really sound like their enjoying life and are excited for what comes next throughout this record: a nice change of pace for a genre that often times is caught in the past. Tracks like ‘Wasted Nights,’ which explodes to life with huge, anthemic choruses and a live-life-to-the-fullest attitude, and ‘Head High,‘ which embraces the future with its hopeful progression, create that warm, joyous atmosphere that really defines the record. There are few moments when Eye Of The Storm where the energy isn’t raging with life: the record ends as energetically as the rest of it, the combo of ‘Unforgettable‘ and ‘The Last Time‘ taking the record out with drive.

Though ONE OK ROCK keep things positive throughout the record, Eye Of The Storm tackles some intimate moments as well. The band hits upon feelings of love wholesomely and anthemically in ‘Grow Old Die Young,‘ while ‘Changes‘ sees a more desperate - though still hopeful - cry out. Every song has a place on the record: Kiiara adds a nice touch to ‘In The Stars‘ as she and Taka duet, while opening track, title song ‘Eye Of The Storm‘ brings the record to an explosive start, introducing all of the great melodies and energy the record has to offer. The band even try different types of vibes out throughout the record, from a the movie trailer drama of ‘Push Back‘ to sweet balladry of ‘Letting Go.’ There’s a bit of everything in Eye Of The Storm, and there’s an abundance of good vibes to go around.

ONE OK ROCK bring great vibes, big energy, and hopeful optimism in their new record Eye Of The Storm, showing hope for the future even in the face of adversity. It’s rare to see such undying positivity in a rock album (and an album in general), but ONE OK ROCK have done so effortlessly and enjoyably. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a good day yet to happen.

Favorite Tracks: Wasted Nights, Eye Of The Storm, Head High

Least Favorite Track: Giants

Rating: 75 / 100

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