Talos - Far Out Dust (Album Review)

Some records have a certain vibe to them that really captures the essence of an artist. For Talos, his new record Far Out Dust captures a dramatic, if not tumultuous time as emotional, atmospheric tracks tell his story of overcoming odds.

There’s a lot of emotion packed into Far Out Dust that helps Talos build a connection with the listener on a different level. Tracks including the ballad ‘On and On‘ and the album closer, title track ‘Far Out Dust,’ both build with emotion throughout the track, leading to a climactic end to the tracks (and the record). More anthemic tracks have a sense of confidence to them, even if the tracks themselves have more of a fragility to them: ‘The Light Upon Us‘ starts delicately, Talos’ careful vocals slowly finding their place in the uplifting atmosphere. The sweet piano interlude ‘The Light‘ follows, with a similar power to it. ‘Let Go‘ is another anthemic track that slowly finds its way towards confidence, it’s big energy preceding another instrumental, ‘Dawn, The Front,’ which is dramatic but uplifting.

Talos doesn’t stick to one vibe in this record. The awesome atmosphere of opening track ‘Boy Was I Wrong,’ introduced by dramatic synths and a crystalline falsetto that build into soaring melodies that really get the album going strong. The beautiful piano of ‘The Flood‘ makes it more of a darker, personal track as Talos dives into some dark moments of his life. On the flip side, ‘See Me‘ thrives in its 80s pop wonder, the curious track bursting with sweetness. A similar warmth can be found in ‘2AM,’ a track that’s overall a sweet listen. Talos does a lot to tell his story throughout Far Out Dust.

It’s not easy facing the past while trying to look towards the future, but Talos manages to get by just fine. In Far Out Dust, Talos captures dramatic soundscapes as he works through his emotions and the past, slowly finding the confidence and energy to enjoy life again. It’s an engaging and fun listen all the while being pretty serious: a blend that works very well when done right.

Favorite Tracks: Boy Was I Wrong, Far Out Dust

Least Favorite Track: In The Fold

Rating: 71 / 100

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