Mark Morton - 'Cross Off' ft. Chester Bennington (Track Review)

We’ve officially gotten through an entire year without Chester Bennington, yet even today there’s still a tangible void left in the music world that no one may ever fill. While some may still be mourning, we have always celebrated Chester’s life, and now we have more reason to. Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton is releasing his first solo record later this year, and fresh off the record is the single ‘Cross Off,’ featuring none other than the late but great Chester Bennington.

Morton is an instrumentalist, so by nature the instrumental of ‘Cross Off’ is goes pretty hard. The song begins eerily, electrifying guitars bursting into powerful riffs as Bennington roars over the pounding drums. Morton certainly proves to be a master of his craft, bringing together an amazing mix with rightfully intense drums, dynamic guitars, and a unique structure. ‘Cross Off’ will melt you.

Bennington’s performance is outstanding, which only makes this track all the more awesome. Rather than delivering a vocal take similar to heavier Linkin Park records like The Hunting Party or Hybrid Theory, Chester shows a side of himself he never quite explored in any other avenue. Bennington absolutely owns the alternative metal attitude as he roars effortlessly throughout the entire track. From clean vocals to some of the most intense screams he’s ever delivered on a studio track to a screamed rap during the bridge, Chester truly gave it everything he had when recording this track.

Mark Morton’s new record Anesthetic is certainly bound to deliver some huge tracks if its latest single has anything to say about it. ‘Cross Off’ is simply an epic metal jam, with the added bonus of having one of rock music’s most iconic voices delivering some of his best heavy vocal work in years. Bennington certainly isn’t done surprising us even if he’s no longer with us, and Morton is assuredly here to keep on carrying his legacy of jamming forward.

Rating: 90 / 100

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