Bring Me The Horizon - amo (Album Review)

Evolving one’s sound is any band’s goal when creating new music. You want your music to change just as you do. Bring Me The Horizon have long since started shedding their post-hardcore beginnings, but their new album might be their most daring experiment yet. Bring Me The Horizon shed their old skin and become a genreless behemoth in their experimental new record amo.

Over their last few efforts, Bring Me The Horizon have been edging out from a rock-dominated sound. 2013’s classic Sempiternal explored electronica, while 2015’s That’s The Spirit was more of a direct departure from the band’s metalcore past and brought in more elements of pop and electronic music. amo finds itself in the sweet spot between them all. Tracks like lead single ‘MANTRA‘ show how Bring Me The Horizon expertly bring it all together. The big alternative rocker brings a poppy appeal to the band’s heavier tone, providing the perfect crossover for old and new fans. ‘medicine‘ is more of a direct pop rock anthem, with great drive that keeps the energy flowing into the quick, creative, and explosive ‘sugar honey ice & tea.’ Sweeter tracks like ‘mother tongue‘ add a nicer message to the record, while even closing track ‘i don’t know what to say‘ takes a similar route but with more of a theatrical and dramatic tone with its beautiful orchestra.

Though Bring Me The Horizon aren’t necessarily strangers to the sounds they explore on the record, they don’t stay in their comfort zone. Opening track ‘i apologise if you feel something‘ is a completely unique track, its atmospheric, curious nature bringing the record to a tense start. The hauntingly empty vocals from Oli Sykes become more and more powerful as the song builds with huge choruses and big instrumentation. Bring Me The Horizon also work with several artists on the record, which makes for some very special collaborations. For fans of the band’s heavier past, ‘wonderful life‘ featuring Cradle Of Filth‘s Dani Filth will deliver all the heavy and evil you’ll want, with huge riffs to pair. ‘heavy metal‘ is the reverse: a taunt to older fans who only want heavier music. The Roots beatboxer Rahzel features on the track to add extra insult to injury, as if the track’s unique structure, pairing metal and pop together, wasn’t already enough. The wildest feature is undoubtedly ‘nihilist blues,’ featuring Grimes. The dark electro-pop track is driven by a threatening bass, with Grimes offering up haunting vocals to create some spine-chilling vibes. amo is an album about abandoning the past and looking to the future, whether it be through the breathtaking futurism of the fast-paced ‘ouch‘ or the aggressive atmosphere of ‘fresh bruises‘ and its awesome beat. They even dive wholeheartedly into electronica, ending ‘why you gotta kick me when i’m down?‘ with a massive electronic breakdown, while the rest of the track delivers great melodies and big energy.

Evolution is key for any band’s longevity, and Bring Me The Horizon have firmly confirmed that the only way they’re going is up. amo is Bring Me The Horizon’s most experimental and daring record yet, but the band succeeds in every possible way in every single song. There is not a moment on this record where the band’s risk outweighed the reward. amo is the next chapter in what will hopefully be a explorative new chapter in Bring Me The Horizon’s history.

Favorite Tracks: nihilist blues (ft. Grimes), sugar honey ice & tea, fresh bruises, i apologise if you feel something, wonderful life

Least Favorite Track: in the dark

Rating: 95 / 100

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