Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (Album Review)

Everyone loves a confident voice, but not everyone has that to offer up immediately. Maggie Rogers rose to fame a few years ago once she gained the attention of Pharrell while attending NYU. After dropping several singles and EPs over the year, Maggie Rogers has found her true voice and sound in her debut record, Heard It In A Past Life.

Rogers does not limit herself to one sound, which is definitely a highlight of Heard It In A Past Life. The record’s diversity allows for Rogers to express herself in may different ways and moods, hitting upon everything sweeter vibes in ‘Overnight‘ to intimately sad such as the ballad that is ‘Past Life.‘ She also hits upon most things in between: her bubbly and curious nature really shines in her hit ‘Alaska,’ its wonderful atmosphere backed by beautiful lyrics, while the chill drive of ‘Fallingwater‘ provides a very grassroots look into her artistry.

While it may seem that Rogers spent Heard It In A Past Life, the truth is that she’s very confident of who she is. Heard It In A Past Life is almost like a diary, with Rogers retelling some of the stories that made her who she is today. Closing track ‘Back In My Body‘ ends things in the present, the building emotional track having a freeing and confident atmosphere. The same confidence is already present from the very beginning with ‘Give A Little,’ the song’s infectious vibe and growing energy making you want to understand more about her. There are many tracks that are simply just fun that show the more fun side of Rogers’ spirit: ‘The Knife‘ brings a funky vibe to the table, ‘On + Off‘ is pure fun, ‘Say It‘ is sweet and full of energy, and ‘Light On‘ is more of a dejected anthem. Rogers provides a very whole look at who she is in Heard It In A Past Life.

An artist’s personality and their music often go hand in hand. Maggie Rogers tells her stories in her debut album Heard It In A Past Life, recalling how she found her own confidence and hopefully inspiring others to try and find their own. This album makes Rogers more than a musician to look up to: it makes her just another person you can relate to.

Favorite Tracks: The Knife, Say It, Light On

Least Favorite Track: Retrograde

Rating: 78 / 100

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