Ariana Grande - '7 Rings' (Track Review)

Ariana Grande has been building up to a big follow up to last year’s Sweetener only months after its release, and the third single is here with a new flair. Ariana Grande’s new song ‘7 Rings‘ is an anthem for women (and a flex on her competitors), but even so doesn’t quite hit the mark.

‘7 Rings’ is a pretty simple song - as have been Grande’s previous singles for thank u, next, ‘thank u, next‘ and ‘Imagine.’ This track is much different, however, adopting a more aggressive trap beat to support Grande’s standard flexing flow. Grande doesn’t delivery any scathing lines that stand out… nor does she really sing or do anything in this song that stands out. Even the music video is weirdly slow and sensual in pretty awkward ways while Grande’s lyrics about being able to get anything in the world because of her money and stature come in stark contrast to the more glamorous video.

Grande’s next album, thank u, next has been shaping up to be a bit lackluster if the singles have anything to say for it. ‘7 Rings’ is a nice indicator of variety on the record, but otherwise it falls in the spectrum of easily-forgettable pop tunes that the other singles have already. ‘7 Rings’ tries to be an aggressive anthem like ‘god is a woman‘ was, but falls flat in almost every way. It’s like an uninteresting counterpart to the Sweetener track, and may just go to show that Grande might be rushing into this new record a bit too fast.

Rating: 50 / 100

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