twenty one pilots Play With Trap In 'Levitate'

twenty one pilots are continuing to amp up their upcoming record Trench. After the heavy 'Jumpsuit' and the chill 'Nico and The Niners,' the band are back for another diverse and experimental take. twenty one pilots play with trap in 'Levitate,' the next song off the record that sees more of a hip-hop trend.

All the songs twenty one pilots have released so far have been pretty unique for them. 'Nico and The Niners' is perhaps the most familiar with its reggae beat and hip-hop tones being similar to that of 'Ride' from Blurryface. 'Levitate' is a full-blown hip-hop track with huge bass beats and a swift hi-hat and snare drive. Tyler Joseph delivers non-stop bars throughout the entire track, throwing in calls to Dema and the other lore surrounding their new record. It's perhaps most similar to 'Heavydirtysoul,' though with more of a focus on the bassy beat and the hip-hop element.

This music video for the song leaves off where the video for 'Jumpsuit' ended. Tyler and Josh Dun have escaped Dema and are now in Trench, a place where the Dema rebels take refuge. The video isn't exactly as lore-heavy as the previous videos, but all the same it comes with powerful visuals, including fires and a vulture flying about. The video centers around Joseph and Dun's performance of the song rather than a story-heavy element like 'Nico and The Niners' and 'Jumpsuit' were.

twenty one pilots play with trap in 'Levitate,' continuing to show the diversity and new path of this record. While Trench does seem to be a Blurryface part 2 with many counterpart tracks, the story it tells is entirely unique and, as always, an engaging one.

Rating: 85 / 100

Video Rating: 75 / 100

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