Bon Jovi Brought The Essence Of The 70s To Life In "Slippery When Wet"

At some point in your life, the music of Bon Jovi has served as the soundtrack. Whether it be during a moment of overcoming adversity or simply growing up, Bon Jovi's vast catalogue documents every journey anyone's ever been through. But there's one album that really captured it all, especially during the era in which it was released. Bon Jovi brought the essence of the 70s to life in Slippery When Wet, an iconic and anthemic album about love, growing up, and the journey of life.

Slippery When Wet features some of Bon Jovi's signature tracks, and they certainly defined an era and many personal journeys. 'You Give Love A Bad Name' is the break-up track, the iconic cries of "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame / Baby, you give love a bad name" that brings the track to an explosive start offers all the confidence you need to take yourself back after a bad breakup. 'Livin' On A Prayer' follows, it's dramatic intro leading into anthemic choruses that emphasize the importance of following your dreams and living by them with unwavering confidence. Later on, 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' is the signature bad-ass Western track, its lone-cowboy vibe providing for the perfect soundtrack for overcoming something on your own.

The singles of the record are all important to music history, but some of the lesser-known ones often get lost in the fray undeservedly. Opening track 'Let It Rock' brings the record to a dramatic but electrifying start, perfectly energizing the listener to get you pumped up to accomplish anything. 'Social Disease' is a taunting track that tackles love and sex like a disease, bringing it to fruition in a very dirty way. The end of the record, however, sings of love in a more passionate way. 'Without Love' is an emotional ballad, a track about the power of love, while 'I'd Die For You' follows up with an unfaltering dedication to being with someone else. 'Never Say Goodbye' is similar but far more pained, a powerful track that describes the feats Bon Jovi is willing to endure to make sure his love never fades. Slippery When Wet ends strongly with 'Wild In The Streets,' a nostalgic yet full-of-life track about youth.

Bon Jovi brought the essence of the 70s to life in Slippery When Wet, and more importantly defined not only an era, but lives with this record. It's one of those albums with messages that are simply timeless, with tracks that capture raw emotions that people may need to move forward. It's an album about growth, and helps you find that hope through the music.

Favorite Tracks: Never Say Goodbye, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Livin' On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name

Least Favorite Track: Raise Your Hands

Rating: 84 / 100

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