twenty one pilots Explore The Lore Of Their New Album In 'Nico and The Niners' Video

twenty one pilots made a huge comeback recently with the release of two new songs, 'Jumpsuit' and 'Nico and The Niners.' The songs dropped alongside a music video for 'Jumpsuit,' which documented Tyler Joseph's escape from the fictional city of Dema, where he had been captive. The band have shared a new music video that acts as a precursor to the 'Jumpsuit' video. twenty one pilots explore the lore of their new album in the new 'Nico and The Niners' video.

There's a lot going on in the music video for 'Nico an The Niners,' but it all comes together to try and help explain the story behind the band's upcoming album Trench. The music video starts outside the city of Dema, panning into the city and finding Tyler by himself in a room, seemingly plotting his escape. Visuals of the bishops (who control the city and its inhabitants) also show, showing them eerily crafting glass and being worshiped by their captives. Meanwhile, Josh Dun is leading a group of fellow rebels through the city, out of view as they soon meet up with Tyler. The rebels circle around the two as they begin to play the bridge as a band, seemingly announcing their rebellion. They disappear into the trenches of the city, leaving behind the symbols of their inciting.

twenty one pilots explore the lore of their new album in the 'Nico and The Niners' music video, showing the events that took place before 'Jumpsuit' and providing a visual for the context of the previous video. The band seems to really be building up an interesting narrative with this record, similar to how they did with Blurryface. It's going to be interesting to see where the next chapter of the story goes.

Video Rating: 85 / 100