Take A Trip Back To 2005 With The All-American Rejects' "Move Along"

There are few years that have such a definitive sound like 2005 does. Pop punk collided with alternative rock in all the right ways, giving way to a new culture of emo and high school memories. Anyone in school during this era will know how important the music was to that culture. Perhaps one of the defining bands of the era was The All-American Rejects, a band whose singles truly cemented themselves in the hearts of every teenager from the era. We're taking a trip back to 2005 with The All-American Rejects' Move Along, the album that really brought all of that alt. rock goodness.

The first songs everyone will remember are the singles. Introduced by the big guitar of 'Dirty Little Secret,' which means instant nostalgia. The intro is huge and anthemic, and even if you haven't heard the song in years. It just has that quality to it that is unforgettable and takes you back to a specific place in time. The same is true for the absolute anthem 'Move Along,' its giant chorus never failing to pick you up. The layered vocals in that final chorus are just epic, too. Then there's the slower ballad 'It Ends Tonight' which has a similar effect as 'Dirty Little Secret,' taking you back to a specific time in your life. These songs are part of each of our histories.

The non-singles from the album hold their ground, too. Though admittedly a bit samey, it keeps sight of the sound of the album. 'Stab My Back' just screams 2005, and really captures that alternative sound. Much of the rest of the record follows the same sort of sound and formula, but its a sound that you just can't get sick of. The album ends on a more dramatic note with the orchestrated 'Can't Take It,' a cool, chill, and even emotional ending to the record.

The mid-2000s was a period defined by its music, and The All-American Rejects stood at the center of it. Press play and take a trip back to 2005 with The All-American Rejects' Move Along and prepare for both nostalgia and for the memories to come flooding back.

Favorite Tracks: Move Along, Dirty Little Secret, It Ends Tonight

Least Favorite Track: Change Your Mind

Rating: 75 / 100

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