Logic Showed What He's Got In "Bobby Tarantino"

Logic‘s Bobby Tarantino II (read our review here) quickly became one of 2018’s most anticipated released before it dropped back in March, much thanks to the success of the album’s prequel. Logic showed what he’s got in Bobby Tarantino, the original record that took his career to a new height.

Logic had really just begun to find his superstardom at the time Bobby Tarantino was released. The fame never got to his head, though, as his music has always shown how real he is. After the dramatic introduction ‘illuminatro,‘ Logic kicks off Bobby Tarantino with some fire. ‘Flexicution‘ is a hype start to the record as Logic pokes fun at his peers as he mocks, “I'm like oh God, oh, oh my God / Bitch I run the game y'all just commentate from the side... Everything I do you know I do it for the squad.” After Logic builds his presence, tracks like ‘Slave II‘ and closing track ‘Deeper Than Money‘ show that he’s not afraid to step away from himself and tackle some bigger messages. Bobby Tarantino gets real at times.

Even though Bobby Tarantino has many damning statements to make, Logic makes sure to still keep things fresh and fun. Tracks like the interlude ‘A Word From Our Sponsor‘ add to Logic’s character building, the funny track showing both the dedication he has towards his fans while still poking fun at them, keeping that artist and fan relationship personal. ‘Super Mario World‘ brings a chiller and more intimate atmosphere while still vibing with fun and nostalgia. ‘44 Bars‘ is just a raw showing of his talent, while ‘Slave‘ sends one important message: don’t mess with Logic.

Logic showed what he’s got in Bobby Tarantino, the mixtape that really set things off for him. While bringing both powerful songs with fun or serious messages, Logic flows and shows his real talents throughout this record, certainly making the record one of his signature releases.

Favorite Tracks: Slave II, Flexicution, Super Mario World

Least Favorite Track: The Jam

Rating: 80 / 100

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