Thirty Seconds To Mars Define Indie Pop In 'Dangerous Night'

Thirty Seconds To Mars have evolved a long way since their prog rock beginnings. From alternative rock to electronic rock, they've covered a lot of ground. Their upcoming fifth album America is the next step in their growth, and we've already heard the deep, anthemic electronic synths of 'Walk On Water.' The band are back with a more reserved effort, though still continuing to own everything they tackle. Thirty Seconds To Mars define indie pop in 'Dangerous Night,' their new single with a sweet tone.

'Dangerous Night' sounds like a cross between Halsey and Shawn Mendes, and who better to bring those two together than Jared Leto? The atmosphere builds at the start of the song as Leto sings sensually, the percussion adding a lot of nice little production moments. As the chorus kicks in, Leto's signature harmony takes over as plucked guitar adds to the sweetness of the moment. The song builds really nicely, the percussion driving the song (as they do in any Thirty Seconds To Mars anthem), each chorus becoming bigger and more expansive as they go.

This song has summer song written all over it. Warm synths and the pounding drums beg for a stadium setting under an orange sunset. MARS has had some pretty sexual songs in the past, including 'End Of All Days' and the music video for 'Hurricane.' 'Dangerous Love' is less about sex and making love and more about finding it and living it. It's celebratory, enjoying a love that has defeated all odds. The song does, however, recycle a lot of previously used phrases that Leto seems to love to use: "was it a dream," "man on fire," and "cross the line" are a few of the ones that have appeared already in the MARS discography, but they are all used in a new context that won't even register unless you're looking at the words.

Thirty Seconds To Mars define indie pop in 'Dangerous Night,' continuing on with their massive anthemic pop rock pattern and really perfectly capturing a specific emotion from a moment in time that seems so fleeting but we can all remember so well. America is going to be a big album.

Rating: 94 / 100

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