Arcane Roots' Debut "Blood & Chemistry" Set Them On Course For Domination

Every so often there's a band that comes along with a sound that's just unforgettable. For the past few years, that's been Arcane Roots. From their proggy beginnings to their present, more experimental (yet massive all the same) approach, Arcane Roots has stood out as one of the most promising rock bands out there for years now.

Their path to success has always been clear, and it was carved from the very beginning. Arcane Root's debut Blood & Chemistry set them on course for domination, bringing intense moments and musical genius forward to a promising front. Through massive builds and the brilliant dichotomy of huge riffs and refined sections, Blood & Chemistry redefined what was possible of an underground rock band.

From the very first note of the very first song, it's clear that Blood & Chemistry isn't just an ordinary debut. 'Energy Is Never Lost, Just Redirected' hauntingly opens the record with its dramatic synth intro, Andrew Groves crooning gently before the song explodes to live with huge riffs and epic vocals. The riffs continue in 'Resolve,' the unrelenting nature of the riffs not letting up. The sheer intensity of the album can best be recognized in 'Sacred Shapes,' the huge riffs leading to an even more intense breakdown before everything lets up for a quiet ending, leading straight back into the driving force of 'Hell & High Water.' 

The dichotomy of soft moments plays a large part in the grandiose of album as well. The generally slower songs like 'Slow' definitely keep a less aggressive atmosphere rolling, yet the power they bring to the record is crucial to its mastery. The sweeter melody of 'Slow' is brilliant, and the reprisal of 'Sacred Shapes' at the end is enough to send chills down your spine. Acoustic number 'Held Like Kites' provides a moment of reprieval before the grand end, giving a much needed moment of consideration before the final burst.

When Arcane Roots go big, they don't hold back. Many of the defining moments on Blood & Chemistry are the more thought out ones, such as the magic in the epic guitar riffs of 'Triptych.'  The chorus eerily yells "As the doctor came around, no one dared to make a sound / The architecture gave up its sects and it made no sense at all" before the violent breakdown ensues, bringing all the calamity and chaos of the song's lyrics to a visceral outcry. Closing track 'You Keep Me Here' is almost like a march that closes out the record, the enthralling body falling out into a slow but epic build, taking the record out on an uplifting and anthemic note, as if you're being lifted up into oblivion along with the music.

The Arcane Roots are here to stay, hopefully for a long time. Their second album Melancholia Hymns is due out in September, and its going in an entirely new and just as immense direction. Arcane Roots' debut Blood & Chemistry set them on course for a takeover, and their time is almost here. 

Favorite Tracks: Tryptich; Energy Is Never Lost, Just Redirected; You Keep Me Here

Least Favorite Track: Belief

Rating: 90 / 100

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