LIGHTS Returns With Big New Single "Giants"

Canadian synthpop is ruled by none other than LIGHTS, and when she delivers, she really goes all out. After teasing new music for a little over a month now, she's finally back and ready to take over. LIGHTS returns with a big new single called 'Giants' and is ready for a kicking comeback.

The last release LIGHTS had was an acoustic album titled Midnight Machines, taking numbers from her record Light Machines. The stripped down atmosphere of her acoustic album is not at all present here, however, as 'Giants' explodes with life from beginning to end. The punchy synth intro accentuates LIGHTS' purposeful delivery with a sort of dark dynamic, before the pounding chorus kicks in with uplifting melodies and a huge atmosphere backing it. LIGHTS charmingly sings "we could be giants" as the song reaches a huge height before her more poetic verses. The song has tons of charm and though its verses and choruses have distinctly different vibes, it all ties together nicely.

The music video adds a lot to the enchanting nature of the song. The verses feature edgier scenes as LIGHTS walks through construction zones and worn out places, with another woman joining her in a diner as they speak in lyrics to each other. The choruses are magical, however, grand landscapes following by gorgeous skies taking up your attention as LIGHTS sings anthemically. The video does an amazing job at capturing the mood of the song at parts and sort of tying them together.

LIGHTS has returned with a big new single, and 'Giants' is ready to stage her comeback. LIGHTS is ready for a phenomenal return to the limelight with the song's grandiose production and even bigger anthemic vibe. The next album is bound to be a great one.

Rating: 88 / 100

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