Fall Out Boy Release Uplifting New Single 'Champion'

When it comes to releasing anthemic singles that'll be blasted at every sports game ever, Fall Out Boy is the champion. After a pretty weak lead single in 'Young & Menace,' Fall Out Boy have released an uplifting new single called 'Champion' from MANIA

There's less of the overused vocal chop trend on 'Champion,' which is already a welcome start. It opens with a punchy guitar riff, Patrick Stump's deep vocals soon kicking in above the confident riff. The beat stays firm as the song builds into a bombastic chorus were Stump chants "If I can live through this / I can do anything." The song's lyrics aren't fantastic (they're all pretty straightforward without much to them), but the delivery is strong and the instrumental's presence definitely boosts them.

This song is better than 'Young & Menace' on every front. Fall Out Boy keeps experimenting with electronic elements in a more reserved and effective way here, effected vocals and synths playing in the background for much of the song rather than the obnoxious vocal chops that are literally the entire chorus of 'Young and Menace.' Fall Out Boy returns to the same anthemic value as 'Centuries' (though not quite as powerful) and actually sound comfortable, especially as far as Stump's vocals are concerned.

Fall Out Boy's uplifting new single 'Champion' is another track that'll inevitably get annoying after hearing it time and time again everywhere you go, but right now it a hopeful outlook for MANIA after a bombed first single. Let's just hope Fall Out Boy don't lose sight of who they are again.

Rating: 80 / 100