Halsey Shares Cinematic Video For New Single 'Now Or Never'

We've been reporting on Halsey's comeback since rumors began circulating in January, and things are finally coming to fruition. The pop phenomenon has shared a cinematic video for her new single 'Now Or Never' that really gives a rather simple song a new dimension.

The music video for 'Now Or Never' is pretty theatrical for a video. It's not one of those videos that has vague scenes revolving around the song or different, seemingly over-the-top production elements to show off the artists' riches. The video for 'Now Or Never' has a real plot to it and lots of action. The plot is a commentary on the disparity in love and war (or at least our modern turbulent times). Halsey and the male protagonist are meant to save the human race through their love, initially a bit reluctant but falling in love quickly.

The plot may seem cliché, but in execution it works really well. The cinematography is very good with great shots, Halsey maintaining her rebellious but searching personality, while the action and emotional shots are really well timed. The final climax where the war breaks out in between the two factions trying to unite under the couple's love is great, Halsey ditching everything, teasing not only that the story isn't done, but that she's ready to move on to a new chapter with a conviction.

The thing is, the video really outshines the song. Listening to it by itself, 'Now Or Never' is very out of the ordinary and safe-sounding for Halsey. It's a run-of-the-mill slow-moving pop song. It's missing a sort of edginess that Halsey has really risen out from and instead brings in a pretty undemanding side of her. It's nice to see a sense of innocence and perhaps revelation from her, but there really just isn't anything really interesting or noteworthy going on in the song itself. In fact, the music kind of just acts as a background for the video for the most part. There are a few parts that sync up nicely, but other than that the two don't really come together.

It's an exciting new frontier for Halsey. Though her new single 'Now Or Never' isn't the most exciting track we've heard from her, it's a nice one that does usher in a new sound and era for her. hopeless fountain kingdom is out on June 2, so be sure to follow us closely to make sure you don't miss our review of it!

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Video Rating: 85 / 100

Song Rating: 68 / 100

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