Big Sean & Metro Boomin Aren't In Touch On "Double Or Nothing"

Collaborative albums with Metro Boomin seems to be the new trend with trap rap, and given that he's the most prestigious producer out on the scene right now, it's no mystery why. Big Sean is following 21 Savage and Offset, who released 'Without Warning' last month, yet there's a bit more to be desired here. Big Sean & Metro Boomin aren't in touch on Double Or Nothing, resulting in a clash that doesn't let the album go above and beyond.

There's a lot of good on Double Or Nothing that does show Metro Boomin's ability to turn anything to gold. 'In Tune' is the heart of the record's quality, the great beat supported by a serious take by Big Sean, his bars tight and strong. 'Savage Time' plays with creativity, the beat change throwing you for a loop as the song grows darker as it progresses. The introduction of 'Go Legend' is quite interesting and that carries on in the beat, Travis Scott again featuring on the first track of this collaboration though his hooks are bit questionable.

The problems with Double Or Nothing is mostly in Big Sean's or the collaborator's hands. The production is solid throughout the record, yet the lyrics are very much hit or miss. 'Big Bidness' is a clear example of such; the beat is strong, yet 2 Chainz just sounds awful in every way possible and the bars overall are very weak. 'So Good' is just entirely a bit much, lines like "Pussy so good, I never fuck you in the ass" coming off less pimp-like and more offputting. There just isn't much to Double Or Nothing' lyrically that captures you or hypes you up. 

Big Sean & Metro Boomin aren't in touch on Double Or Nothing, resulting in a bad clash of great beats but mediocore bars. Metro Boomin has proven that he's the star of the trap world, but Big Sean doesn't do much for his reputation here.

Favorite Track: In Tune

Least Favorite Tracks: So Good, Pull Up N Wreck, Even The Odds

Rating: 65 / 100

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