Eagles Captured The Sound Of An Era In "Hotel California"

Making a timeless piece of music is no easy feat. There's no easy way to accomplish that, either. For some bands, though, it feels like it came naturally. Such is the case for Eagles, whose music has hit everyone on the planet by now. Eagles captured the sound of an era in Hotel California, its old-school tones perfectly describing the essence of the 70s.

Hotel California might as well be the album that invented aesthetic. The album's title track is probably one of music's only universally known songs, and for good reason. 'Hotel California' is a legendary song by no chance of fate; it is everything that made up the 70s, right down to the fact that it's very meaning is still widely disputed. The song, according to one of its writers, criticizes American media and consumerism, being Eagles' interpretation of the high life in California. It's mysterious riffs and electrifying solo capture the sonic atmosphere of the decade, while the lyrics capture a sense of alienation. That's a relationship that can be created easily.

Most don't know Eagles beyond 'Hotel California,' and it's a shame. While there aren't songs that have the same timeless sound of the song, they still all work to capture the essence of the time period. The wholesome sound of 'New Kid In Town' keeps the record going, as Eagles venture into that feeling of uncertainty moving forward with life. Punchier tracks like 'Life In The Fast Lane' call to the rock and roll roots of the band, while smoother ballads fill up the record like 'Wasted Time' and 'Pretty Maids All In A Row,' allowing for some intimate, introspective moments to add flavor to the record.

Eagles captured the sound of an era in Hotel California, perfectly putting the noise of the 70s into one cohesive record. It's timeless nature is often overshadowed by it's star song, but the whole album has its heart laced into the era, and it's hard to come across an album like that.

Favorite Track: Hotel California

Least Favorite Track: Life In The Fast Lane

Rating: 80 / 100

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