The Chainsmokers Have You Feeling Free and In Love In New Song 'Paris'

The Chainsmokers are bringing in the new year with a new banger. Their new song 'Paris' is a sweet track, complete with The Chainsmokers' signature vibe.

'Paris' is a song about being young and the sentiments of exploring the unexplored with someone. Andrew Taggart's worn down vocals introduce the song, setting the scene and realizing that he can't make someone fall in love with him while he's in love with someone else. The couple went faraway just to escape, but now he's not sure if things would work out. The chorus brings in a sweeter sentiment about the couple being united: "If we go down then we go down together / We'll get away with everything / Let's show them we are better," saying that even if they lose everything, they'll still have each other and carry on living their lives.

The song is brought together, as many of The Chainsmokers' songs, by a lovely duet. Singer Emily Warren plays the female role in this relationship, and while she doesn't have her own words to sing or her own verse, her backing of the choruses adds a very sweet element to the track. The best thing about The Chainsmokers' songs about relationships are that you get both sides of the situation. There's perspectives from either side, and while they may be saying the same words, you can hear the difference in approach. Taggart's parts show a worn-down comfort in having someone, while Warren's voice shows vulnerability and trust in her partner.

Instrumentally, this song has a very sweet build. It's more or less a reserved version of 'Closer,' the gentle keyboards and percussion backing the sweet harmonies of the lyrics. The beat becomes more pronounced in the second verse, with more subtle elements slowly building in. There's this sweet little guitar riff that plays after chorus that adds a lot of color to the track, its innocence adding to the lyrics' sentiment. The song explodes in the end, filling with harmonies in the duet and spiraling synths. The story of the song is told through the instrumental just as the lyrics do, with the power of the instrumental making the relationship more progressively tightly-knit as it goes on.

The Chainsmokers may play it safe on 'Paris,' all of the duo's namesake qualities coming out in the track, but that doesn't make it a bad song. 'Paris' is still incredibly catchy and as you listen to it more and more while playing through the scene in your head, you feel closer to it. You find yourself standing in Paris during a pink sunset with you and your partner sitting quietly together. Through this journey your love becomes so much more real and you feel the same way you did as when you were young - or if you are young, you feel free. That's what The Chainsmokers ar eall about; living your life as free as can be.

Rating: 87 / 100

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