Opeth - 'Will O The Wisp'

When Opeth has an album on the way, the metal world can't help but to stop and stare. Sorceress is out at the end of the month and promises to be the band's heaviest effort since 2008's Watershed. The title track 'Sorceress' seemed to combine the jazz flavors of 2014's Pale Communion with the band's heavier and experimental moments. The next single 'Will O The Wisp' shows the album is much more diverse than what you may expect.

'Will O The Wisp' is an acoustic track inspired by Jethro Tull's 'Dun Ringill', as frontman Mikael Akerfeldt told Team Rock. Speaking of the song's composition itself, he claimed: "I wanted to do a song with my capo really high, so it's up on the fifth fret. It makes the guitar sound really glittery. I just wanted to go for a simple, catchy vocal melody. It has a slightly positive vibe to it, but the lyrics are really, really dark. It's a beautiful song, I think. I'm really happy with that one."

The song does live up to Akerfeldt's description. It's acoustic instrumentation is bright and warm with an almost baroque vibe to it. The lyrics are upbeat yet hold a dark message to them: the pre-chorus and chorus regally chant, "You're stuck to the failures of your life / Marred with the sorrows of your strife / And time it waits for no one / It heals them when you die / And soon you are forgotten / A whisper within a sigh." The song progresses, eventually gaining a beat and closes our with an electrifying blues solo. The solo feels oddly mature - it's not very metal or wild in any way, it's just an expressive, beautiful guitar solo that feels right at place among the end of the track and acoustic guitars.

Opeth are masters of their craft. Whether it be the demanding jazz metal of 'Sorceress' or the stark acoustic beauty of 'Will O The Wisp', they can handle anything they tackle. Sorceress is bound to be an incredible album and definitely a standout in their discography. Now, we play the waiting game.

Rating: 90 / 100