The Weeknd - 'False Alarm'

The Weeknd is on his comeback grind. His new album Starboy is out in two months (November 25), and after releasing the eponymous track 'Starboy' featuring Daft Punk (see our review here), we were left wondering what the new album would have in store for us.

'False Alarm' is the follow up single, and it's a bit hard to swallow. Dynamically and elementally different from 'Starboy', it provides a different look on the record. The new song features a strong EDM influence, especially in the chorus, complete with singing in a panicked fashion "False alarm!" before distorted screams straight out of a Skrillex song lead back into the verses. The verses feature smooth vocals with a cheesy melody and various instruments, including synths and guitars.

This song doesn't raise much hype for the album. If anything, it polarizes it further. There was already confusion about how underwhelming 'Starboy' was, and it feels as though 'False Alarm' was not the correct answer to it. The song feels very uninspired and the chorus does not have the signature Weeknd feel. His music was so noteworthy because of his unique sexiness that resonated in each one of his songs. Both 'Starboy' and especially 'False Alarm' miss that aspect of him. The song is also plagued by trying too hard to fit into the EDM feel. It's reading out of a textbook what it means to be a pop EDM song, down to the siren sample in the intro. His melody feels lazy and completely uninspired, as well. The experimentation is appreciated, but this song doesn't have any direction.

Things aren't looking great for Starboy. Two underwhelming singles in, and it's becoming increasingly harder to look forward to the record. We'll see what the full record holds for us - hopefully more substance than the singles.

Rating: 65 / 100