Seconds To Stand - 'Burnt'

Boston native pop punk outfit Seconds To Stand has been refreshing the pop punk scene for a couple of years now, and have starting offering up some studio content. The band's latest single is 'Burnt', a fresh sounding taste of pop punk that brings you back to the mid-2000's feel.

The song begins with lo-fi guitar that confidently brings in the signature punk drum beat and distorted guitars. Vocalist James Smith gives a great vocal performance throughout the track, singing positively on a seemingly end-all situation, ending the song with the words, "And I don't know what way I can go / But I know I'm not too far / I'll just hold onto my head and my heart". The verses of the track feature sweet guitar licks from guitarist Ray Brunelle and a driven drum beat as the beat and distortion is taken up a notch for the big choruses, with Chris Weeler handling the low end of the track. Nothing really goes beyond standard powerchords and higher leads as far as guitar goes, but that all plays to the flavor of the genre. The buildup of the bridge adds a nice taste of difference in a song that admittedly doesn't change much throughout, leading strongly into the final blast of energy in the final chorus.

Seconds To Stand is all about being uplifting. Their music makes the most out of the negatives of life, making energetic tracks for people both to scream out to and relate to. The band's single 'Burnt' is a great representation of who they are; a fire that won't stop fighting. The only real complaint you can have with the song is that it sounds like a standard pop punk song - nothing besides it's message really screams innovation or something to keep the band separate from the rest. That being said, who doesn't like a good old fashioned pop punk track?

Rating: 68 / 100