Major Lazer - 'Cold Water' (ft. Justin Bieber & MØ)

2016 has lacked the true song of the summer. While we're well into it by now, there's still time. Major Lazer may have finally given us the answer to our problem. The new, highly-anticipated 'Cold Water' featuring Justin Bieber and  has finally dropped, and it's the chill track this summer was waiting for.

'Cold Water' is the perfect blend of chill and dance vibing. Bieber's vocal delivery on this track is spot on. From the second the song kicks in, his vocal adds flavor to the confession he sings: "Everybody gets high sometimes, you know / What else can we do when we're feeling low? / So take a deep breath and let it go / You shouldn't be drowning on your own". His melody flows with the sweet guitar licks and synth punches as the background harmonies create the perfect chords.

MØ's contribution may not be as significant as Bieber's, but it's still a great one. Her verse serves as a bridge, the instrumental sweetly building up behind her strong vocals. The final chorus kicks in with Bieber kicking back in for a sweet duet between the two, MØ's voice strongly harmonizing with Bieber's gentle "I'll be your lifeline tonight" lines. The song ends quietly, the arpeggiated guitar chords (the add so much color to the track, might I add) replacing MØ's harmony, a subtle but brilliant way of closing out the song.

Is 'Cold Water' the song of the summer? It has the potential to be. Chill and blue vibes and boasting some of pop's biggest names, it's definitely up there. It'll be getting major airplay soon, and it's bound to be on everyone's playlists. Turn the song on, lay back with someone close to you, and enjoy the fresh air. That's what this song's built for.

Rating: 85 / 100