Dark Suns - Everchild

Progressive rock isn't the first genre that comes to mind when trumpets are in question. This doesn't seem to phase German prog-rockers Dark Suns, though. Their new record Everchild is a brilliant fusion of jazz and blues with all the positive flavors of progressive rock in between.

There are some brilliant trumpet performances on this record, perhaps the albums best quality. They blare proudly on intro track 'The Only Young Ones Left', showing up as surprisingly as you may expect. The rest of the track is a strong driven buildup of riffs and 80s prog-rock vibes and their best. Following it up is another trumpet-baring track, 'Spiders', the track this time beginning on a moody jazz scene before powerchords kick in to accentuate the punchy brass. The height of jazz touches on the record is 'Monster', a very unique song on the record. Beginning with doom jazz aesthetic complete with cavernous pianos and sweet basslines, the song is the only one to feature female vocals on the record, another unexpected surprise leaving for brilliant flashes of creativity. To top it all off, the band boldly ends the album on a cover of Tori Amos' 'Yes, Anastasia', luckily doing the song some justice, moodily beginning and ending it epically, as it should.

On top of the unique qualities of this record are classic, powerful rocking moments. 'Escape With The Sun' is deceptively quiet in its atmospheric intro as gentle blues guitar chords carry a haunting melody throughout the track. This song builds up epically, harmonies increasing as intensity of the instrumental also curves upwards. By the end of the track you have angry guitars powerfully galloping to the climax and high orchestras sounding strongly above a chilling melody. Orchestras are the subtle highlight of 'The Fountain Garden' as well, beautifully shimmering with wonderful chords, inspiring amazing imagery. Perhaps the album's magnum opus is title track 'Everchild', which takes in every quality the band has exhibited in the album and crafts a whole new beast. Starting off with the signature moody piano before turning to dark guitars and brooding drums, the subtle waves of guitars and building noise brings this track to a huge state. The bridge of the song is perhaps the biggest moment on the album, extremes of high and low guitars slamming down with quartered crashes while orchestra back the beautifully haunting words, "I am the everchild" to conclude the song on an incredibly striking moment.

You can never go quite wrong with prog rock, especially when you take it to a grandiose level and add bits of originality to it. Dark Suns brought forth jazz and blues while still maintaining the integrity of progressive rock, all to amazing discord. Not many of the tracks standout as masterpieces, but gems are found throughout an album that doesn't have a dull moment. Being in this game for nearly two decades hasn't faltered Dark Suns - if this is any indication, their sound will only keep going up from here.

Favorite Tracks: Everchild, Escape With The Sun, The Only Young Ones Left

Least Favorite Track: Torn Wings

Rating: 7/10