Arcane Roots - 'Curtains'

Arcane Roots are the most promising band that have yet to really hit it huge in the world of English music. Their sound is unmatchable by even the biggest bands, tapping into an undisputed energy and bombastic nature that just isn't found anywhere else. Their new song 'Curtains' treads into new territory for the band, but they still ace it all the way through.

The most striking part of the song is that it's not a quick-to-build-up song like tracks found on their last release, 2015's Heaven & Earth EP. Songs like 'Slow Dance' and 'If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves' featured short, energetic bursts before truly torpedoing into unrestricted energy. 'Curtains' is a different beast. It builds slowly, moodily, and darkly, primarily consisting of synths until it reaches its climax. Vocalist Andrew Groves shows a lot of restraint in his voice, his melodies swaying with defeat.

The synth composition is something new for the band. They haven't had a song yet where synths and electronics were the primary focus for over half of the record. Arcane Roots' recognizable wall of sound is still present, though; the song ends with a barrage of epic distorted guitars and Groves' signature belts, bringing a victorious and violent conclusion to the track. Synths ring high in the background behind Groves' angered screams and the thrilling, bursting guitars. This is where the band reaches those unfathomable heights - the song's build is the climb, and when the guitars come in, you jump from the peak.

Arcane Roots is a band that can change everything about themselves and still exceed with flying colors. 'Curtains' is a step in a new direction, and it's the most confident first step any band has ever taken. They take risks that few would dare to, and that danger invigorates them to create truly monstrous soundscapes that you've never even imagined could be possible. They've been plotting all this year - 2017 is on the horizon, and it's time they make their mark.

Rating: 96 / 100