Immortal Reviews' Best New Acts Of 2016

2016 has taken some legends, but its also offered up some fresh new talent. Here are some of our favorite brand new acts that hit the scene this year.

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BANNERS dropped his debut, eponymous EP at the beginning of the year, and boy was it good. He embodied fantastic indie rock tones that had a true anthemic vibe to them; the crossroads of ColdplayImagine Dragons, and X Ambassadors. His debut LP will truly be something full of powerful, feel-good anthems that will carry you through the entire year.

4. Grace VanderWaal

You've seen her rock her charming song 'I Don't Know My Name' on America's Got Talent, but this girl's EP takes her talent one step further. Never before have you heard a twelve year old write such passionate and raw songs - so powerful, in fact, that they leave some of today's big songs in the dust. There's true talent riding in her, and wherever her career goes, we're sure it'll be something fantastic.


If space rock is your thing, then get ready to be lost in the galactic textures of HÆLOS. Their debut LP Full Circle displayed their mastery of these lovely, otherworldly textures while still making their songs catchy. Indie rock meets the outer atmosphere in a completely unique blend - we can't wait to see where this band goes.

2. The Chainsmokers

No one challenged the charts and the airwaves this year like The Chainsmokers did. They came out of nowhere, essentially, smashing out some of the year's biggest hits like 'Closer' and 'Don't Let Me Down.' They are the biggest success story of 2016 - they're now a household name after starting the year where you'd have to question if a group with that name even existed.

1. Aurora

This delightful weirdo is by far the most genuine and unique artist to come about this year. Whether you're watching her expressive live performance or listening to her gentle voice in her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, there's something very intrinsically natural about Aurora. Her adorable presence brings a sense of innocence and wonder to her music, and that's something you can't find often. She's already thinking about which songs are going to make it onto her sophomore record, and we can't wait.


That's a wrap! One more list of for the year - Most Anticipated Albums. Be sure to check out our Top 50 Albums, Top 50 Worst Albums, and Top 50 Songs of the year lists, too. Happy holidays and happy new year!