Relive The Sweet Memories Of Christmas With Coldplay's "Christmas Lights"

Christmas may come at one of the coldest times of the year, but what makes it so important is the warmth is puts into everyone's hearts. The joy of giving gifts, the bright, colored lights, an just bringing everyone together is the real essence of the holiday.

Christmas music, of course, is also an essential part of the holiday, and while many songs are about the theme of giving, some are about the very warmth that are the essence of the holiday. One such song is Coldplay's 2010 Christmas track 'Christmas Lights,' which helps you relive the sweet memories of the holiday through beautifully somber tones.

The song is brought in by a sweet piano intro, accompanied by Chris Martin's somber vocals soon after. The song is centered around a breakup, as the first verse quietly recalls: "Christmas night, another fight / Tears we cried a flood / Got all kinds of poison in my blood... Just walk away / Those windows say / But I can't believe she's gone." The song starts of sadly, but it eventually wallows in the joy of the holiday, and how the sadness is masked by the cheer.

What "Christmas Lights" truly embodies is the nature of happiness. Even taken out of the context of the holiday, it has a message of finding happiness amongst others. Every day comes with joy, not just the special ones. It's up to you to be open to find that happiness. Martin ends the song by singing "Christmas lights / Light up the street / Light up the fireworks in me / May all your troubles soon be gone," a sendoff to the girlfriend he's singing about and with an optimistic look in front of him.

"Christmas Lights" is a great way to relive your sweetest memories in Christmas in warm way. Coldplay always had a way of doing that - making an adventure and story out of anything. Their holiday song is more than just that; it's a reminder that even in the saddest moments you can find happiness. It's important not to forget that.

Rating: 85 / 100

Happy Holidays From Immortal Reviews!

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