Coldplay Sweeten Up Signature Tracks In New EP "Live From Spotify London"

Coldplay are the kings of sweet pop tunes, and when they strip them down to rawer forms, they become whole different tracks. Coldplay sweetened up some of their signature tracks in their new live EP Live From Spotify London.

The EP, performed last month, features a selection of five tracks from a private set at Spotify's London studio. The first track is 'Everglow,' not exactly the single version but also not quite the studio version. Chris Martin mans the piano as he croons over the sweet chords, the guitar ringing sweetly in the background. There aren't many layers to the track, giving it a raw and pure vibe. 'Viva La Vida' follows up with a much bigger vibe, many of the eccentricities cut out as a result of limitations, but still chunky and as anthemic as its studio version. The verses roll sweetly, the kick drum keeping the tempo as the bass and guitar kicks in powerfully during the choruses. This performance builds really greatly, the raspy "woahs" at the end giving it a special new dimension absent from the studio version.

'Adventure Of A Lifetime' is next, the iconic guitar intro being supported by punchy piano chords. The song has all the groove you've heard, its infectious vibes not hindered by the lack of its normally upfront atmosphere. The bridge strips it down, just Martin and his piano giving the crowd an emotional moment. The song immediately kicks back in with whoops and harmonies as it charges into its end. The classic 'Yellow' brings the band back to a calmer, rawer note, Martin singing quietly above the sweet piano. It's a relaxing take on the track, very calming and sweet. It builds in such a way that doesn't necessarily add energy, but adds emotion in its stead.

You can't release an EP in December without having at least one Christmas themed track; so Coldplay tacked an acoustic performance of 'Christmas Lights' onto the end of the EP. Led in by the sweet piano riff that the studio version revolves around, the song takes the EP out on a sweet, holiday oriented note. The song builds up with more passion as it goes, the piano being performed with more and more drive with harmonies and a beat building behind them. The song ends as subtly as it began, a sweet piano diddy ending it all off.

Coldplay is a band that can do anything they want and people will always love it. Luckily, most of that output comes out being enjoyable regardless. Their Live From Spotify London EP sweetens up signature tracks the band has put out and delivers them in a rawer, stripped down light. They still have an upcoming EP entitled Kaleidoscope featuring some new tracks, so maybe that'll be the follow up to this sweet Christmas present. This'll keep us singing through the holidays just fine, though.

Favorite Tracks: Adventure Of A Lifetime, Viva La Vida

Least Favorite Track: Yellow

Rating: 81 / 100