Starset Continue To Own New Direction With Single 'Back To The Earth'

The symphonic rock band Starset is taking a new direction with their upcoming record Vessels, due out in January. The band has already shared the first single 'Monster,' but Starset continue to own their new direction with the new single 'Back To The Earth.'

'Monster' showed a departure from the band's traditional symphonic rock-bordering metal nature, but 'Back To The Earth' brings the band's core sounds back while still focussing on the new sounds. The song has more significant use of guitars than 'Monster,' revealing the band isn't entirely letting go of the sounds that their 2014 debut Transmissions was built upon. The choruses are huge, guitars pounding powerfully and hugely as the song progresses. The climax comes at the end, the song exploding in its end, guitars and strings roaring as the song enters the atmosphere and breaks into a whole new monster.

'Back To The Earth' isn't absent from new elements, however. The song may be similar to what we've heard from Starset in the past, but it does show change. The main synth line introduces the song and bounces in the verses, giving the electronics a bit more edge. The choruses are also notably mixed with piano and electronics having more or less the same influence as the guitars. There are many electronic elements ringing behind the powerful nature of the guitars.

Vessels is going to define music in the first quarter of 2017. Both singles have been utterly massive, as Starset continue to own their new direction. 'Back To The Earth' is a strong single to usher in 2017 and raise the hype for the new year - we can't wait for more.

Rating: 90 / 100

Buy or listen to 'Back To The Earth' here, and don't forget to pre-order Vessels: