Jacquie Lee Immortalizes Lives Lost In 2016 With 'Somebody's Angel'

The Voice star Jacquie Lee stayed on the DL for much of 2016, but she's back just before the year is up to give thanks to all the icons and innocent people we lost this year with her new soulful song, 'Somebody's Angel.'

The pop star enjoyed some success following The Voice with her debut EP Broken Ones back in 2015, but 'Somebody's Angel' shows a growth from that sound. There is a blues rock vibe to it, the sweet, clean guitar arpeggios ringing like an Alabama Shakes track. The song stays generally raw throughout its playtime, not trying to sound flashy or excessive in any manner. The choruses ring powerfully with the soulful chants of "Somebody's angel now" repeating between Lee's signature timbre.

The music video amplifies the emotion of the song tenfold. A handpainted television set plays back dedications to the artists we lost in 2016: David BowieLeonard Cohen, and Gene Wilder, to name a few notable ones. It also shows powerful scenes of some of the most tragic terrorist attacks over the year: Nice, France, the bombing in Brussels, Belgium, and the airport bombing in Istanbul, Turkey are included. What separates this video from just being a slideshow of this years tragedies that its personality, or rather, Lee's personality is reflected through it. All these clips show both reverence and utter sadness - a feeling we were all left feeling a lot of this year. We looked back upon our favorite artists an actors with such fondness, while we stayed glued to a television screen, heartbroken at the scenes from every new development. The video ends on a clip of Lee singing with the late Christina Grimmie, tying it all together for one beautiful farewell.

'Somebody's Angel' is more than just a goodbye song. It immortalizes all the lives we lost in 2016. As the year comes to an end and we look forward, it's easy to forget about all the pain we went through in the past. We keep those memories with us as we go, whether or not we realize it. 'Somebody's Angel' revisits it all for one last time, giving us something to appreciate in the end of it all: we were all hurt, but we all united when it really mattered. That's what made 2016.

Rating: 87 / 100

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