Imagine Dragons - 'Levitate'

Imagine Dragons seem to be progressing with their third album, and a new song is here to give us a little look into the next record's sound. 'Levitate' is Imagine Dragons' new single.

'Levitate' is written for the upcoming film Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The movie is a sci-fi film: two humans cryogenically frozen for a century wake up and travel space together. 'Levitate' brings that spacial love come to life.

The song is a new direction for Imagine Dragons. 'Levitate' isn't the big rock tracks that 'Friction' and 'Battle Cry' are, nor is it a poppier track like 'I Bet My Life' or 'Demons.' It's not even the classic Imagine Dragons arena rock banger ('Radioactive' and 'Shots,' for example). It's a very poppy song, treading away from a focus on guitars and being built upon synths and electronics. It's led in by a sweet synth intro, twinkling synth arpeggios joining in as Dan Reynolds croons above the sparkling instrumental. The choruses are briefly immense, synths pounding and gang vocals chanting together. Guitar does make an appearance, though rather insignificant, at the end, where is dinky little lick repeats as the song comes to an end.

'Levitate' doesn't feel like an Imagine Dragons song, or a particularly great song either. It's good, but really lacking in energy and power. It doesn't feel very cohesive, either. I'm not looking for another 'Radioactive,' but Imagine Dragons' best songs are the songs they really bring a drive and chunk too. 'Levitate' has none of that. It's a synth rock song that doesn't go anywhere. It's not doing the movie justice, nor is it doing the band any.

Imagine Dragons took a swing and a miss with 'Levitate.' This sweet little song is largely forgettable and really doesn't feel like its and Imagine Dragons song. Change is necessary for any band, but showing your grasp on the elements that made you unique and memorable is also a key to success in that way. Let's hope 'Levitate' isn't indicative of what's to come, because if it is, album #3 isn't looking too hot.

Rating: 52 / 100