Highly Suspect - The Boy Who Died Wolf

Progressive rock finds a new home in the hands of Highly Suspect. The band bring progressive rock together with alternative flair in their sophomore effort The Boy Who Died Wolf.

The Boy Who Died Wolf isn't just another progressive rock album. Highly Suspect already established their unique sound in their debut Mister Asylum, snatching them a Grammy nomination this year. The band isn't ready to let go of that momentum just yet. They sound bigger than ever on this record, bursting confidently forward besides taking seemingly no time to get this next record out.

Highly Suspect bring a catchier aspect to the table in their unique progressive rock fusion. Songs like 'Viper Strike' ring proudly with rock n' roll riffs carrying them high and energetically. 'Postres' is much the same, rock vibes carrying it through the core of the record. 'Chicago' also brings a poppier side to the table in a progressive fashion, the piano ballad sweetly moving along as a tragic ballad.

The band's catchier approach doesn't stop them from reaching epic heights of prog rock. 'My Name Is Human' opens the record, blistering, heavy guitar bringing the album to a straddling start. It's thick instrumentation compliments its almost haunting melodies. 'Wolf,' the album's closure, takes up the genre in a different way, featuring an epic build up from a barebones track to an electrifying, thrilling conclusion - this is also exhibited in 'Little Ones' earlier on in the record. They channel pure Pink Floyd in 'Serotonia,' the unique beginning and end sandwiching a very Floyd reminiscent bridge, complete with an electrifying guitar solo.

There really isn't anything wrong with this record. It's an honest rock n' roll record at its core. It may not be intense or demanding throughout, but it's certainly invigorating. The electrifying guitar solos and sweet timbre from Johnny Stevens or the thrilling rhythm brought about by brotherly duo drummer Ryan Meyer and bassist Rich Meyer really sell the band's chemistry. They know their mission statement, and they're convicted to go out and settle the score.

The Boy Who Died Wolf is an honest album, yet it's also a sign of hope. It feels like a flagbearer - a young band on the scene like Highly Suspect can create such a powerful storm of a record and jut them out in such quick succession... it breeds an exciting sense of possibility. Highly Suspect is definitely the new threat on the block in the world of progressive rock. Watch out, because they're gonna make it huge.

Favorite Tracks: My Name Is Human, Send Me An Angel, Chicago, Serotonia

Least Favorite Track: F.W.Y.T.

Rating: 81 / 100