Frank Iero and The Patience - 'Oceans'

"The world may fall apart" has taken a new meaning for Frank Iero and The Patience. The band was involved in a car crash while on tour in Australia, when a bus rammed the back of their vehicle. All of the members have survived, but some faced severe injuries. The band has cancelled the remainder of their tour dates in 2016, but their album Parachutes is still due out next week, and as a thank you for the fans' support, they've released 'Oceans' ahead of the record.

While it's the band's second record, it's the first under the moniker of Frank Iero and The Patience. Their name change did not change their sound, though. Frank Iero's defeated vocals are still present above the punk, distorted guitar riffs. The song builds up from just a beat, palm muted guitars, and Iero's single vocals into a blistering chorus with angrier vocals.

As the song progresses, Iero sounds more and more anguished. The second choruses' chunky basses follows his pain as he admits, "You’re still a part of me, the only part I enjoy, and I wish I still had a hold on you like you do, until you’re blue, around my throat." The song is about love in a last resort sort of way - Iero's lover is the only thing he loves about himself.

The song's grittiness and rawness gives its meaning a little edge. That's what Frank Iero has excelled at, whether it was with My Chemical Romance or solo. His songwriting was unique and had an edge to it that made the meaning stronger. We wish him and his bandmates a speedy recovery, and we're sure Parachutes will be a standout for his career if 'Oceans' is any indication.

Rating: 84 / 100