Wildlife - Age Of Everything

There's nothing like a good alternative rock record. Sometimes you don't need to look for something new, but you just need something with substance. That's exactly what Wildlife's third record Age Of Everything offers up.

The Canadian fivepiece have made a name for themselves in their strong indie sound. Their output has always had a pop rock vibe with lots of elements keeping the songs interesting, and that's no different on Age Of Everything. Opening aesthetically with 'A New Pain' segueing shortly into lead single 'Dead Century' gives the album a strong start, the anthemic instrumental keeping the song powerfully rolling under sweet melodies. The poppy vibes carry through to '2017', synths underplaying the anthemic vocals.

This album's quite pretty. There are plenty of beautiful melodic moments, the acoustic track 'Skulls' being a good example. The sweet and gentle acoustic guitar leads the vocals in a pure dance between the two, pretty symphonies slowly building behind it all. Other tracks like 'Modern Freedom' simply have an infectious vibe, the sweetness of its delivery giving it a gushy yet cohesive posture.

There's some rock moments in between the poppy covering. 'Minotaur' starts off with bright piano chords before the beautiful chord progression is encompassed by subtle guitars, the drums sounding confident and driven. The choruses are pure alternative rock, a backing guitar riff supporting fantastic melodies. The chorus is the best part of the track, confident and swaying in a powerful way. The acoustic bridge provides reprieve before the song builds back up once more for a big conclusion. Speaking of big conclusions, closing track 'Turning To Stone' is a strong ending to the record, combining all elements of their indie, pop, and rock sound into one summative ending. Don't forget 'Sleeper Hit', the epic electronic rocker that builds with layers of epic guitars and powerful percussion before ending on a ending comparable to Pink Floyd

Wildlife have a good grasp on what they set out to accomplish. Age Of Everything is enjoyable throughout - some tracks could've done with just a little extra punch, but all in all, it's a a solid record. They have a great sense of melody and cohesion, and the next album is bound to be a killer.

Favorite Tracks: Minotaur, Sleeper Hit, Dead Century

Least Favorite Track: Over Now

Rating: 78 / 100