A new year, a new era. 2017 is a promising year, and the music reflects that. Here are our favorite albums and songs from the year.

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Favorite Record Of 2017:


The band's massive follow up to 2015's Transmissions explodes with even more space rock grandiose and cinematic explosions than ever before - the perfect and natural path for Starset to follow.


Favorite Song Of 2017: 

Ed Sheeran - 'Supermarket Flowers'

All of Divide was written beautifully. The entire album didn't embody love so much as it embodied being human. As Ed Sheeran retold some of his fondest memories, he didn't steer away from some of the more sobering ones. 'Supermarket Flowers' is the closing track on the record, as well as the most crushing. The raw piano and vocal track tells the tale of Sheeran losing his grandmother, all of the emotions summed up beautifully in the final chorus: "You were an angel in the shape of my mum / You got to see the person I have become / Spread your wings / And I know when that when God took you back he said Hallelujah / You're home."


Throwback Review:

U2 - The Joshua Tree

They say that history will repeat itself, lest we learn from the past. That message is something to really consider when listening to U2's The Joshua Tree. The album, released in 1987, spoke of problems it saw with the world, and, more specifically, America. Thirty years later, the messages in the album have again become relevant and are prompting us to ask ourselves: are we going backwards?