A new year, a new era. 2017 is a promising year, and the music reflects that. Here are our favorite albums and songs from the year.

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Favorite Record Of 2017:

Linkin Park - One More Light

We are so caught up in what's going on in the world and other's life that we forget about ourselves. Our problems slowly build while we stay distracted, eventually swallowing us as we fall into an endless freefall. The best way to help stop that is to have a conversation, and Linkin Park will help you with that. Their new album One More Light is focussed on its lyrics, which were born from conversations. Before we lose it all, Linkin Park reminds us that we are human.


Favorite Song Of 2017: 

Linkin Park - 'Sorry For Now'

Linkin Park is always able to deliver anthems, but 'Sorry For Now' is on a different level. Mike Shinoda takes lead with powerful and sweet vocals, apologizing for not always being there when he needed to be. This year took me through one of the worst times of my entire life, and when I needed some clarity this song gave me hope and made my situation a little less final. This electronic rock ballad is one for the record books.


Throwback Review:

Hum - You'd Prefer An Astronaut

When you think of the 90's and music, Hum isn't the first band that'll come to your mind. While their influence may not be the most appreciated, it's certainly there - and it's clear to see why. Hum's You'd Prefer An Astronaut helped carve atmosphere into alternative rock, allowing for the genre to take a more experimental route that would ultimately lead to a new movement in years to come.